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Employee Welfare System

We offer stable and a distinguished potential working environment, allowing talent to constantly create value! The company provides the basic labor conditions governed by legislation, including two days off every week, flexible working hours and a comprehensive leave system, as well as regular motivational lectures teaching employees to maintain the correct balance between life and work. In respect of safety, health and work protection, in addition to labor insurance, national health insurance and pension fund such as basic welfare, each employee is entitled to enjoy regular physical check-ups and comprehensive group insurance. There is also a complete employee retirement system based on the standards of the“Labor Pension Act” and implemented firmly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Recognition of Performance and Creativity

    • Year-end bonus
    • Employee bonus
    • Creative proposal bonus
    • Patent bonus
    • Good employee appraisal
  • Reinforced Employees’ Health Protection

    • Labor insurance, national health insurance
    • Employee group insurance
    • Travel insurance
    • Employee physical check
    • Preferential individual insurance plan for employees’ dependents at their own costs
  • Various Welfare and Facilities

    • Emergency rescue, illness and injury remedy
    • Gift and gift coupons for three festivals
    • Cash gifts for marriage, funeral and giving birth
    • Birthday gift coupon
    • Employee restaurant
    • Convenience shop
    • Breastfeeding room
  • Family Day

  • Inventec Olympics

  • Inventec Annual Party

  • Social Activity

  • Incentive Activity

  • Soft Lecture

Inventc received the 2019 Taiwan Enterprise iSport Award! Inventec have invested a lot of resources for sport facilities and health-promoting events. The company received the 2019 Taiwan Enterprise iSport Award for the dedication to encourage our employees to exercise and maintain a healthy work-life balance.