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Talent Training System
Talent-oriented is one of the company’s top ten faiths. There are three characteristics of talent development managements of Inventec.

1. Balanced the education training and development:

Inventec corporation adheres to the cultivation idea of “learning jointly and thriving together”, providing diversified cultivation channels and excellent internal and external resources of teachers for employees to choose.

2. Molding a learning organization that is constantly innovative improving:

Provide a good environment for the cultivation of internal employees, based on business operating goals and development strategies, based on the actual needs of employees, providing professional services such as talent development and education consulting, and various education promoting and training activities.

3.“Human-based”business culture:

In addition to planning to improve related management functions and professional capabilities, to strengthen international competitive advantages of Inventec, it spares no effort to focus on the improvement of language and Internet abilities, continues to reinforce the tracking of results and feedback after cultivation, and concentrate on innovative improvement and learning exchange continuously.

Our achievements

Based on the company’s operating goals and development strategies as the blueprint, besides, it spreads in accordance with practical needs. It adopts real and digital courses to promote professional curriculums simultaneously, including management functions, market trends, problem solving, and team motivation etc. which dedicates to promote and develop career skills.

At the same time, a series of talent development activities are also performed, including to inventory professional capacities and carry out personal development projects in cooperation with various business units; systematically carry out professional technical training courses through PSG Technical Committee;increases transboundary communication of enterprise groups, and handle technology communication seminar between groups.

Therefore, we obtained the silver medal of the Talent Quality Management System (TTQS) in 2016 and 2019 respectively. In the meantime, our company was awarded “National Talent Development Awards” by Workforce Development Agency, MOL honored as Oscar Awards of talent development of enterprise circles.
Looking forward to the future, the Talent Center will adhere to our corporate philosophies: “Innovation, Quality, Open Mind and Execution”, and continue to follow up industry trends and organizational transformation needs to provide various talent cultivation projects, and thereby add value to talent assets, enhance our company’s overall competitiveness and arrange the whole world.