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Working Environment

Inventec Take Care of You

Large-scale Activity Classroom

In the factory area, large-scale activity classrooms are provided for the use of the community (80 pings in Taoyuan Factory and 200 pings in Shilin Factory), so that after the colleagues get off work, they can relieve stress and achieve the balance of body, mind and spirit.

Breast Milk Collection Room

The company has a warm collection room, so that the female surname is still working, can still collect breast milk, can still provide the baby"s best source of nutrition after returning to work. Since 2000, Inventec has been consistently awarded the “Excellent Breast Milk Collection Room” certification by relevant government agencies, which is a model for the industry.
Breastfeeding moms make posters of cute babies, sticking to the breast milk collection room, adding a warm atmosphere.

Massage Room

Taking into account the long-term use of computers by colleagues, causing muscle tension and fatigue, the company has a free massage room to help colleagues eliminate fatigue while relaxing the tight nerves.