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Product Design and Development

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection and would like to purchase environmental friendly products. This new trend leads to the rise of “Green Consumerism” and creates new opportunities for companies. With the rising needs of ECO products, lots of counties, like EU, US and Japan, make mandatory regulations and directives to reduce the environmental impacts of products.
In addition to meet customer’s requirements and enhance the product competitiveness, Inventec fulfills the corporate social responsibility with all its efforts. Inventec conducts environmental policies as follows:
1.Comply with Environmental Laws & Regulations
2.Become Best Environmental Practice in Industry
3.Promote Integrated Environmental Supply Chain
4.Pursue Environmental Sustaining Development

With these green policies mentioned above, Inventec meets its environmental goals as follows:
1.Green Product: Showing the efforts and achievements of improving Earth's environment.
2.Green Factory: Reducing the environmental impacts from the production by energy saving, consumption reducing and pollution prevention.
3.Green Life: Cultivating respect and familiarity to the Earth by developing personal daily habit.

Green Design
Green design is environment design. It takes environmental and safety aspects into considerations throughout product life cycle. The concept of green design is conducted from product development to manufacturing process by the ways of raw materials selection and design for disassembly. Green design allows companies to reduce the environmental impacts of products while keeping product function and quality. Inventec Green design principles are as picture on the right.

Green Purchase
In Inventec purchase process, Procurement search HSF (Hazardous Substances Free) parts for RD design and ask suppliers to upload 3rd party test report via iSupplier system for component qualification. Inventec places order to Approved Vendors and B2B system informs buyers of the HSF approval status. If HSF status is non-qualified, buyers will request suppliers uploading HSF documents for qualifications. Once HSF inspection result is non-conformed, IQC (Incoming Material Control) will inform procurement to solve this qualification problem.

Green Manufacturing
In order to comply with EU RoHS Directive, Lead-Free solder is used in PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly) and Electrical Components. This movement has influenced all the manufacturing process of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
Inventec develops specification based on HSF Management Standard and Lead-Free process requirements. All parts of product are required to pass reliability test so that Inventec is able to ensure all parts meet their requirements and also comply with EU RoHS Directive. In order to enhance the products competence, Inventec fulfills its environmental responsibilities as follows:
1.Comply with international environmental regulation
2.Take environment and safety into the product life cycle consideration
3.Use green design into manufacturing process
4.Choose environment-friendly material and Design for Disassembly
5.Manage supply chain
6.Reduce the environmental impact of products