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Charity Foundation

For years Inventec Group Foundation annually donates warm-winter contributions for more than ten NPOs, to support their sustainable operations in social welfare. Every year we also sponsors Taipei Philharmonic Foundation to host the “Taipei International Choral Festival” and the charity concerts.
Besides, Inventec Group Fundation contributed donations to the emergency relief & recovery actions during the major calamities such as “Typhoon Morakot Flood”, “2011 Japan Tsunami”, or “2016 Southern Taiwan Earthquake”, and supported the Campus Anti-Drug Campaigns of Taipei City Government.
Inventec Group Foundation invites the corporate personnel to participate many social activities, such as the “30 Hour Famine Camp” held by the World Vision Taiwan, the fundraising for Blood Donation Bus, the charity Sales held by other NPOs, to visit the solitary elderly or the disadvantaged family in the community, and to join the actions to conserve the wetlands in Guandu Nature Park.
As a corporate citizen, Inventec Group always conveys our compassion and cares to the disadvantaged groups with practical actions, to inject into our society with kindness, warmth and positive energy.
Inventec always fulfills it responsibility to meet the needs of the society, under the motto of social compassion.
To implement the sustainable social development, Inventec Group is duty-bound to realize the social responsibilities with four principals of our social participation policy-“Environmental Protection”, Cultural Education”,” Poverty Alleviation” and “ Community Harmony”.
Established in Jan 2010, Inventec Group Charity Foundation aims to integrate the resources of the Inventec Group with the external resources from the government or NGOs, and to combine the corporate personnel together to join the social care activities.
Inventec Group Fundation not only cares about the welfare of Children & Youths, Women, Elderly, or the Disabled, we also sponsor many social activities in the aspects of Arts and Cultures, Education, Environment, Ecological Conservation and other public benefits. During the major calamities or disasters, Inventec Group also supports the social emergency relief & recovery plans of the government or other NGOs.
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  • Challenge Hunger for 12 hrs

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