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Charity Foundation

Since its establishment in Jan 2010, Inventec Group Charity Foundation has been endeavoring in the aspects of the social welfare affairs and the emergency relief. With the cognition of Inventec’s Social Responsibility-LOVE is to shoulder Inventec’s responsibility to our societies for those in needs, each member of the Inventec Community realizes and shares the social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
By integrating the external and internal resources of the Corporate and combining the warm hearts of our Staff, Inventec Group Charity Foundation delivers the humanity cares to the underprivileged groups with actual assistance. Inventec Charity Foundation not only consistently contributes donations to the social welfare organizations and also participates other social public activities or services held by the government or other social organizations. We hope to help the underprivileged to obtain more sufficient social resources to improve their living and raise their rights.
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Recent Activities
  • Donating Blood Donation Car

  • Challenge Hunger for 12 hrs

  • Love Garden Tour