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Operational System

Inventec sets up ERP system(ERP,Enterprise Resource Planning Portal)SCM system(SCM,Supply Chain Management System)PDM system(PDM,Product Data Management)KM System(KM,Knowledge Management)

ERP,Enterprise Resource Planning Portal
SCM,Supply Chain Management System
PDM,Product Data Management
KM,Knowledge Management

In the competitive technology industry, Inventec meets customer’s goal of expected profit and then builds up its long-term competitiveness via the following strategies.

Sustainable Supply Chain

In response to the international sustainable supply chain trends and the needs of stakeholders, Inventec transformed “the green supply chain” in 2007 into “the sustainable supply chain” in 2017, with the mechanism of “Global Supply Chain Information Management System” and “Sustainable Sourcing Program,” to implement Inventec's sustainable supply chain management objectives and meet the requirements of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Policy, i.e., “adhere to the environmental protection regulations; comply with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct; pursue the sustainable development; promote the value of integrity and governance in supply chain,” to continuously promote the sustainable development of the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) of the supply chain system.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Policy