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Inventec's grievance mechanism for anti-corruption and the supply chain’s social/human rights/environmental issues has the stakeholder’s zone providing a communication channel for the stakeholders, and the cases handled by the personnel in charge will be transferred to the specific internal authorities
Talent and Management Center: Ms. Hsu
TEL:886-2-2881-0721 Ext: 21999
MAIL:[email protected]
Shareholder Services
Investor Relation: Ms. Chang
TEL:886-2-2881-0721 Ext: 21656
MAIL:[email protected]
Shareholder service: Ms. Chang
TEL:886-2-2881-0721 Ext: 21875
MAIL:[email protected]
Shareholder services agent: Taishin International Bank shareholder services dept.
ADD:B1F,No.96, Sec. 1, Jianguo N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10489, Taiwan
Inventec Sustainability Reports
If you have any questions or suggestions about Inventec CSR Reports, please contact us at:
Talent and Management Center: Mr. Tsai
TEL:886-2-2881-0721 Ext: 27088
MAIL:[email protected]

If you have any other suggestions for the other sites’ corporate social responsibility, please contact us through the factory link thank you!