• Guidelines for Using Inventec Trademark

Guidelines for Using Inventec Trademark

• Licensed trademark (as listed herein), licensee, licensed period, licensed area, licensed purpose and licensed scope will be subject to the main contract between licensee and Inventec Corporation (“Inventec”). Licensee agrees to observe the terms and conditions of the main contract and this Guidelines for Using Inventec Trademark (“Guideline”) when using Inventec trademark.
• The trademark license is a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicense license. Trademark licensee cannot transfer or sublicense any licensed trademarks to any third party.
• The trademark license is a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicense license. Trademark licensee cannot transfer or sublicense any licensed trademarks to any third party.
• Licensee shall use the licensed trademark only within the scope agreed by both parties.
• Licensee shall provide Inventec the trademark usage, including but not limited to any product description, tab, publication, manual, advertising or any marketing material, for Inventec’s review, and licensee shall get Inventec’s written approval before it’s any use of licensed trademark.
• Licensee shall completely use the licensed trademark provided by Inventec without any modification or alteration.
• Licensee warrants it will use the licensed trademark in accordance with the main contract and this Guideline and licensee will not misuse or misinterpret the licensed trademark, destroy Inventec’s reputation or decrease the value of licensed trademark.
• Unless otherwise specified in the main contract or previously agreed by Inventec in writing, licensee warrants that it will not involve in any act of manufacture, design, reproduction, forgery, copy, modification, distribution or sale related to licensed trademark, nor will it license any third party to act or have similar act of these.
• To protect the value of licensed trademark, licensee warrants that the licensed product will be with good quality. Licensee agrees to send Inventec 1-2 product samples for Inventec’s inspection. Licensee further warrants that it will comply with all laws and regulations in connection with licensed product’s manufacture, assembly, marketing and sale.
• Licensee agrees not to apply for registration of the same or similar licensed trademark, and not to register the word of licensed trademark as its domain name.
• In the event licensee is aware of any infringement or threatened infringement act from any third party, licensee shall promptly notify Inventec, and take related legal actions against such third party according to Inventec’s direction.
• When the licensed trademark is being used, it should be marked with the "TM" symbol and be accompanied by the attribution statement:“Inventec, 英業達, 英业达 and other trademarks are trademarks of Inventec Corporation or its subsidiaries.”
• The usage of the licensed trademark will not create any relationship of both parties in connection with any endorsement, guarantee, sponsorship, agency, distribution or affiliation.
• Inventec, with the consent of licensee, has the right to do the necessary examination in licensee’s premises, distribution point and warehouses to make sure that licensee is in compliance with the main contract, this Guideline and the direction of Inventec.
• This Guideline is part of the main contract. Any breach of this Guideline is regarded as breach of the main contract. In the event licensee breaches this Guideline and cannot correct the breach within the agreed time period after Inventec’s notice, Inventec has the right to terminate licensee’s use of licensed trademark and terminate the main contract.
Licensed trademark (as an example here):
(Guideline update date: Jan. 31, 2020)
(Guideline usage contact window: iec@inventec.com)