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Invisible but Remarkable
EBG, established in 1998, specializes in the development and manufacturing of servers, blade servers, network switches, storage equipment, rack solutions and server management software. Inventec EGB deploys global operation centers in Taiwan, Shanghai, Mexico and the Czekh Republic, all of which are equipped with BTO and CTO capabilities, and all catering to customers from a research design, production, distribution perspective with technology support via ODM, JDM, CM cooperation model and ODM channels, all in one solution. It has been strongly supported by premium brand customers worldwide for decades. To improve product reliability, we have established complete and accredited research labs that specialize in powerful design, signal completeness, magnetic compatibility, meeting product safety regulations, thermal design, noise testing, environmental affairs, computer supporting design, mechanism, structure and packaging to provide an outstanding and solid core product design ability. There is also highly automated equipment to support 24-hour manufacturing and enhance process advantages as well as fulfill sustainable supply chain management goals and exercise the duties of an environmental citizen.

Inventec 5G Smart Factory