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Management Performance

Business performance report for 2019:

The consolidated revenue reached more than TWD 500.9 billion, a slight 1.17% lower than in 2018 (consolidated revenue of TWD 506.8 billion).
The consolidated pre-tax operating profit was TWD 6.5 billion, which was mainly affected by a change in product combination and non-operating income and expenses, indicating a decline of 19.97% as compared with 2018. The after-tax net profit attributable to the parent company's shareholders was more than
TWD 5.5 billion, a decrease of 15.26% as compared with the previous year. The consolidated after-tax earnings per share was TWD 1.54.
Overall, the revenue of the notebook computers was about TWD 246.7 billion, increased by 6.3%, as compared with the same period last year, benefited
by the adjustment of the portfolios of the high-end models and aggressive market demand to correspond with the tariff trade war. Meanwhile, the revenue
of server products was about TWD 166.8 billion, decreased by 7.85%, as compared with the same period last year due to the successive generations of the
product layout and the effects of global production line adjustment. As for the smart device products, the revenue contributed TWD 83.2 billion, decreased
by 2.81% as compared with the same period last year due to the capacity adjustment and change of customer demands. The solar energy company of
the group responded to reduce the scale of operation composition due to the industry-wide downturn. Solar-related revenue was TWD 4.1 billion.