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AIMobile Joins Forces with Canon and Network Optix to Pioneer an Edge AI-based Smart Factory Use Case

AIMobile Joins Forces with Canon and Network Optix to Pioneer an

Edge AI-based Smart Factory Use Case

(Taipei, April 24th, 2024) AIMobile demonstrates an Edge AI-based smart factory use case at secutech 2024 today. This use case is jointly developed with Canon and Network Optix for automatic assembly of key components onto a server motherboard via Edge AI technologies. AIMobile integrates its market-proven Edge AI box (model: ucon, psox, ucox) with in-house AI models, Canon’s top-notch IP camera, and Network Optix’s intelligent video solution (Nx EVOS) to precisely control robot arms for assembly automation. This demonstration is presented in video form at the Network Optix booth #111.

Factory automation has been a key differentiator in the manufacturing industry. With increasing interest in Lighthouse Factory powered by Industrial 4.0 revolution, the level of automation determines the level of production efficiencies. This server component assembly automation represents another stride in manufacturing, where AIMobile aims to bring innovation to its own production lines and to its mother company, Inventec, to enhance the competitiveness of their factories.

Canon is a long-term partner of AIMobile via collaboration in smart traffic management. Canon’s array of surveillance cameras has been seamlessly integrated with AIMobile Edge AI boxes, which were deployed across several major cities in Taiwan to enable dynamic signals, relieving traffic congestion, and enhancing pedestrian safety. With this new collaboration, both parties aim to expand Edge AI integration with vision technologies to a new horizon.

Network Optix is a powerhouse in video software, known for its easy-integration, high cost-performance, enterprise-scale, and customer-tailored solutions. With its Nx EVOS, AIMobile’s Edge AI boxes can be managed through the Nx EVOS console for reliable video recording, snappy video playback and management, and an advanced rules engine where malfunctions of a robot arm can be logged and analyzed from a single pane of glass. With this integration, AIMobile enhances management functionalities of its Edge AI boxes for a broader audience.

"AIMobile is striving to expand our Edge AI solutions to broader industry-specific applications," said Timothy Chang, President of AIMobile. "We are really honored to partner with two industry leaders, Canon and Network Optix, to tap into the smart factory area. Combining the strengths and competencies of the three parties, we believe the joint solutions will bring the industry automation to the next level with Edge AI integration."

" As a global leader in imaging technology, Canon has the world's top image output and input solutions, and has committed to expand in security surveillance market, providing industry's most complete intelligent security solutions," said Smart Chen, Director of Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon Marketing, Taiwan. " The PAECIA System we have jointly built with AIMOBILE are successfully adopted by all major cities in Taiwan including AI environmental monitoring, urban parking space integration, road vehicle transportation control, pedestrian safety alert that realizing building vision of intelligent traffic and smart cities.”

"Network Optix is excited to announce this strategic collaboration with AIMobile and Canon," said Oscar Hsieh, Vice President of International Sales at Network Optix. “This partnership brings together leading forces in video software, edge AI, and imaging technology, creating a powerful synergy that will fuel innovation in Smart Factory and Smart Transportation solutions globally.”


About AIMobile

AIMobile was co-founded by two industry-leading companies, Inventec Corporation and Advantech Co., Ltd with the same vision of enabling next-generation industries with smart technologies. With its solid roots of decades-long mobility and connectivity experience in handheld devices, AIMobile aims to bring smart handheld and edge computing solutions to industrial customers with state-of-the-art hardware and software integrated.