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Full Integration of IAC's SmartMed Infusion System at National Taiwan University Hospital
2024/02/19  英業達企業總部報導

Full Integration of IAC's SmartMed Infusion System at National Taiwan University Hospital

Inventec Appliances Corp. (IAC), a subsidiary of Inventec, has announced the successful securing of two NTUH tender contracts. Approximately three thousand units of the Chiline SmartMed Infusion System will be adopted by the National Taiwan University Hospital across its branches, including the Main Hospital, NTU Cancer Center, Yun-Lin, Hsin-Chu, Jin-Shan, and Bei-Hu branches. IAC stated that the SmartMed Infusion System, which includes infusion pumps, connection software, and infusion sets, not only enhances patient infusion safety but also improves nursing staff efficiency. It will play a crucial role in promoting smart hospitals and is set to become an essential component of smart healthcare.

Deputy General Manager Zeng stated that previously, nurses had to manually calculate the correct dosage and verify the right medication. Any mistake in this process could lead to serious complications and medical disputes. According to a 2007 study, errors in medication and pump settings accounted for a high proportion of adverse events. Now, with the SmartMed Infusion System, units can seamlessly connect to the hospital information system (HIS). This allows doctors to input prescriptions directly, and the nursing staff only needs to swipe the patient and medication barcodes. SmartMed will then automatically download medical orders and parameters to the infusion pump. This significantly reduces the likelihood of adverse medical events. If issues such as tube breakage, air bubbles, or completion are detected during the infusion process, the SmartMed system promptly sends out an alarm and displays it on the management platform. Nurses can immediately address these issues, enhancing infusion safety and saving time by eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth. Upon completion of the infusion, the SmartMed system can automatically generate and upload a record of the medication and infusion process to the HIS. This feature streamlines nursing staff handover process and alleviates them from the labor of manually copying relevant records. Since 2016, IAC has strategically ventured into the medical electronics industry, leveraging its in-house research and development capabilities to seamlessly integrate software and hardware. The notable introduction of the Chiline HomeCare Cloud Healthkeeper, which has garnered significant market acclaim, exemplifies IAC's commitment to innovation in healthcare. Now, IAC has achieved another noteworthy milestone in the successful integration of the independently developed SmartMed Infusion System into the National Taiwan University Hospital system. The ongoing adoption and utilization of the SmartMed Infusion System in both domestic and international medical fields are poised to be a lucrative venture, potentially establishing a novel revenue stream for Taiwan.

          Some components of the SmartMed Infusion System, like the infusion sets are developed and manufactured by Needleless; their general manager Jian pointed out that Needless collaborated with IAC to develop a line of products compatible with SmartMed, including general infusion sets, metering drip barrel infusion sets, NTG drug infusion sets, light-proof drug infusion sets, etc., as well as an exclusive patented drug preparation system, all of which are developed and manufactured in Taiwan. Jian expressed hope that with the SmartMed Infusion System, home-grown brands can break the monopoly on infusion systems by foreign brands. Through collaboration with IAC, SmartMed is poised for expansion in the overseas market.