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Social Participation

Inventec and the “Inventec Group Charity Foundation” adhere to the philosophy of “Loving Inventec: Inventec shoulders the responsibility for those in need”, through the integration of relevant resources and selfless participation of volunteers, spreading the love of Inventec to every corner in need, caring for society with practical action.
Inventec has formulated volunteer work administrative measures to actively encourage colleagues to participate in relevant volunteer activities beneficial to the society. It provides volunteer leave with pay on holidays to improve colleagues’ attendance at local social welfare activities and services and promotes social welfare study. It encourages employees to join volunteer teams, and establishes Inventec volunteer culture, initiatively sparing efforts for social contribution for the need of volunteers in public benefit activities.
Inventec understands the importance of social participation and is one of the pioneers in promoting social activities. Amongst some of the key social events carried out regularly are,
  • Public Charity
  • Care for the Weak
  • Support Social Enterprise
  • Community Green Work
  • Community Building...and many other