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Environmental Protection

Green Product, Green Factory, Green Life

In response to environmental issues, aside from establishing goals and policies based on protecting environmental interests, Inventec has also established five policies on “Green energy environmental protection” and actively engages with the green energy industry with the aim of making a greater contribution to relieve greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, in order to show Inventec’s determination in protecting the environment and in response to the declaration of promoting a “Happy Enterprise”, Inventec promises to actively be dedicated to CO2 emission reduction and energy saving and pay close attention to ecological and environmental protection so as to achieve its goal of “Happy Enterprise, Sustainable Development”.
Inventec plays a fundamental role in environmental protection by implementing goals & adopting measures within its campuses around the world that include Green Design Principle, Low Carbon Green Design, Green Product, Green Lifestyle, Green House Gas Management, Waste Water Management, Energy Saving Plan etc.
Based on Total Quality Management, Inventec connects quality and environment. Take 5S for example, it allows employees to have a habit of correctly putting things back to its places and it creates the clean and comfortable workplace. For Inventec, protecting the environment had become part of company’s culture long time ago. In addition to the green culture, Inventec also inspires employees to come up with creative ideas from manufacturing process to routine work. Inventec thinks it gains real payback if these ideas can be put into practice. Regarding the WEEE, RoHS and ErP, which are important EU regulations, Inventect complies with the request from the stages of design、production、manufacturing、shipping, to service. As for the carbon-reducing, Inventec conducts a complete plan for the water、light、air-condition、traffic and travelling. It makes employees to think about how to decrease the energy use and also reduce the CO2 emission.