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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Framework

Board of Directors

With the goal to reinforce independence and diverseness of the Board, Inventec elects 7 directors, 2 of whom are independent, and 3 supervisors under the candidate nomination system in 2014.
Members of the board are appointed for a term of three years.
The board is responsible to shareholders and exercises its powers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, articles of incorporation, and resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting. To achieve the best company interests, the members of the board evaluate and monitor the following matters with duties of loyalty and the due care of a good-faith administrator:
1.Management strategy
2.Risk management
3.Yearly budget
4.Business Performance
5.Major capital expenditure
6.Investment disposal
7.Other major issues

Board meetings are held at least once a quarter and important resolutions adopted by board of directors will be promptly announced on Inventec official website.

[Board Members]

Audit Committee

Board of Directors has established the Audit Committee in 2017 to fulfill its oversight role and strengthen supervise functions. Committee is comprised of three members.

[Audit Committee Members]

Remuneration Committee

Board of Directors has established the Remuneration Committee in 2011 to fulfill its oversight role and strengthen management functions. Committee is comprised of three members.

[Remuneration Committee Members]

Managerial personnel

A company may have managerial personnel in accordance with the articles of incorporation. Their duties are defined in the articles of Incorporation or employment contract. Managerial personnel shall be empowered to manage the operation and to sign relevant business documents subject to the scope of their duties specifically required in the articles of incorporation or employment contracts.


Corporate governance rules and principles

With the goal to establish sound systems of corporate governance and risk management, Inventec promulgates corporate governance rules and principles to accrue greatest benefit to shareholders, exercise the fiduciary duty, and obey the fundamental laws and moralities.
In order to ensure equality of shareholders, Inventec conducts “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles”, “Guidelines for the Adoption of Codes of Ethical Conduct”, “Guidelines for the Adoption of Codes of Employee Behavior”, and “ Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information”, etc. With these procedures mentioned above, Inventec is able to meet the following goals:
1.Ensure information confidentiality
2.Prevent insider trading
3.Pay attention to the event of conflict of interest.
4.Provide clear and effective communication platforms to safeguard the interested parties.

Inventec also uses websites and emails as ways of providing trainings of corporate governance to directors, supervisors, managers, and employees. With these efforts, they are able to better understand the operational business procedures and comply with applicable relevant laws and regulations.

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Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings
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Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
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Articles of Incorporation
35 KB
Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds
48 KB
Regulations Making of Endorsements/Guarantees
54 KB
Procedures for Election of Directors
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Codes of Ethical Conduct
23 KB
Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
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Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles
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Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles
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Remuneration Committee Charter
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Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors
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Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information
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Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings
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Audit Committee Charter
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