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Social Contribution

Support the Community: Participate in social organizations, Join community activities and pursue the sustainability
In terms of community, Inventec participates in the community life by putting into practice. In addition to assisting the school, police station, and fire department, Inventec has adopted the community park for a long time. With the effort of cleaning、greening and landscaping, the park provides the residents a comfortable public space.
In the business hours, Inventec also guides the traffic for the community. Inventec creates the culture of art and health through supports of community art activities. With all effort mentioned above, employees positively take care of the community and also enrich their minds with art.

Help the Disadvantaged: Take care of the vulnerable group and help the disadvantaged
In terms of helping the disadvantaged, Inventec thinks it needs to assist the society to conquer the poor. Inventec starts from Taiwan and further expands to the oversea countries. It supports disadvantaged groups via financial support and long-term care.
Through the interaction with them, Inventec realizes that the poor could come from spiritual level, not just material level. Therefore, Inventec will continually inspire employees to unite their love and expand its category of society-servicing to the spiritual life.

Protect the Environment: Green Product, Green Factory and Green Life
Based on Total Quality Management, Inventec connects quality and environment. Take 5S for example, it allows employees to have a habit of correctly putting things back to its places and it creates the clean and comfortable workplace.
For Inventec, protecting the environment had become part of company’s culture long time ago. In addition to the green culture, Inventec also inspires employees to come up with creative ideas from manufacturing process to routine work. Inventec thinks it gains real payback if these ideas can be put into practice. Regarding the WEEE, RoHS and ErP, which are important EU regulations, Inventec complies with the request from the stages of design、production、manufacturing、shipping, to service. As for the carbon-reducing, Inventec conducts a complete plan for the water、light、air-condition、traffic and travelling. It makes employees to think about how to decrease the energy use and also reduce the CO2 emission.

Promote the Culture: Build up self-discipline and aesthetics spirit, create Inventec’s superior culture.
In aspect of culture, Inventec doesn’t only focus on technology innovation, but also pays much attention to the culture cultivation. Therefore, Inventec expands its art categories from music, drama and dancing to categories of painting, carving and Calligraphy. All of the efforts help artists find the stages and also share the beauty of the art with the society.