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Customer Service (Quality, Cost & Delivery)


Quality is an important factor of Inventec culture. Inventec believes that the combination of the company’s quality system for standard operations, research and development design quality, material management quality, production process quality, personnel professionalism, morale quality and environmental management is what constitutes the quality of its products.
Inventec has established a standard laboratory for testing the content of heavy metal parts in the Shilin R&D Center, Taoyuan plant and Shanghai plant to ensure improvement of product reliability through an Ongoing Reliability Test (ORT). Monitoring the quality of green parts is conducted through rigorous quality control at various levels and continuous improvement to pursue better and improved product quality, operation quality, morale quality and environmental quality. Inventec gained the affirmation of major customers in 2014 by winning the HP 2014 Excellent Quality Award.


Inventec enlists enterprise resources for overall planning and consideration to provide customers with the best solutions and operation platforms from commodity demand to design cooperation, manufacturing requirements, inventory control and after-sales services, etc. Aside from consolidating various company resources through the system support of Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Cost Awareness, Design, the product quotation analysis system and the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Inventec also expects to control the total production cost to a high degree of competitiveness. This includes raw materials, logistics and inventory costs as by manufacturing the best product at a low cost, high quality and good profits benefit both the customer and the company.


Inventec implements general e-commerce operations, from research and development of product designs to manufacturing and delivery, including internal operation procedures such as planning and management, logistics and cash flow, etc. The smooth customer operation platform and exchange of supplier management data are operated based on an electronic data system. For the operation of this data system, aside from relying on a high quality hardware system, it also relies on an ecommerce team with an abundance of professional experience. As well as importing the establishment of each system and integration of internal and external application services of the enterprise, it also improves the efficiency of the system through continuous reviews and improvements so as to capitalize upon the specific competitive advantage of Inventec.
The R&D base of Inventec has three important stations in Shilin, Taoyuan and Wugu of the Group company Inventec Appliances in Taiwan, who are respectively responsible for the research and development and manufacturing of notebook PCs, wireless communications, consumer electronics, cloud computing services, software integration services and server products; On the Chinese mainland, R&D teams are established in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing, mutually cooperating with the R&D team in Taiwan for the development of new product designs. Overseas production bases mainly include the Pudong plant, Nanjing plant, Chongqing plant, and Zhejiang Jiashan plant on the Chinese mainland, the Mexican plant in Central America, and the Czech plant in Eastern Europe, all of which have established assembly and customer service centers to provide customized production and repair services. From research and development, design and production to distribution and technical support, Inventec puts customer-oriented and global operations in first place. By maximizing the power of the whole Group in global deployment, it is also the solid foundation for Inventec to provide customer comprehensive solutions from software to hardware from Taiwan to the whole world.