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Intellectual Property Policy

Pursuing Innovation Philosophy and Safeguarding Innovation Outcomes

Since its establishment in 1975, “innovation” has been the cornerstone of Inventec. It is our core belief that innovation is the best catalyst to create differentiation and superior/competitive position of a company. Inventec values highly innovation and invention and which will enhance the global competitiveness and international influence of Inventec.
The relentless drive for creativity and innovation has enabled Inventec to accumulate abundant innovation capabilities. Today, Inventec owns over 14,000 issued patents and over 6,000 pending patents as of Dec., 2015, one of the largest patent holders in Taiwan. In the 2005 Business Week survey entitled “The 100 Top Companies Patent Scorecard”, Inventec topped other Taiwanese computer system companies in the measurement of a company’s Essential Technology Strength (ETS), and has obtained “2010 National Invention and Creation Award”, “2013 Industrial Innovation Achievement Award”. Top 500 US Patent Assignee in 2013. The 7th Shanghai Invention and Creation Patent Award. Shanghai Patent Demonstration/Pilot Enterprise in 2014. Top 10 IP Business Corporation in China, 2015. Top 500 US Patent Proprietor, 2015. Up to now, Inventec ranked among The Top 10 Invention Patent Winners for more than 8 years in both Taiwan or in China.

Enhancing Innovative Thinking and Reinforcing IP Risk Consciousness & Risk Management

Inventec believes innovation and creating value for IP are vital to growth and expansion. We invest more than US$100 million annually in R&D activities. To improve patent quality and gain the better value from the patents, Inventec, in addition to building an interactive propaganda website and developing the hierarchical training mechanism, we encourage more employees’ involvement in innovation through patent review and reward mechanism. One out of every 5 Inventec’s employees has ever applied for a patent. The concept of innovation and patent protection has been deeply rooted in Inventec employees and integrated into our business culture. Inventec values highly development and protection of IP assts. To reinforce IP risk consciousness and risk management and law compliance, Inventec periodically arranges propaganda activities via such as training programs, multi-media, digital publications, websites and so on to prevent and control any IP risks.

Developing & Accumulating IP Assets and Monetizing IP Assets

nventec has driven creativity and innovation by patent innovation proposals and accumulated abundant innovation capabilities. Except devoting itself to hardware ODM business, Inventec also focus its worldwide IP development efforts on its 5 missions: “Innovation Ownership, Sustainable Energy, Cloud Service, Mobile Broadband, and Emerging Market”.
In hopes of helping domestic Information Communication Technology (ICT) Industries in the patent wars, Inventec has developed various open innovation platforms and IP assets monetization mechanisms. Inventec will continue to strive to conform to the industry development policies of our government, work actively and closely with Taiwan government, industries and others to thereby boost the global competitiveness of the industries and our country.