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Inventec provides basic conditions of labour according to government regulations and the “Personnel Management Regulations” of our company. Inventec sets up occupational safety and hygiene committee in law to deliberate on relative regulations of safety and hygiene. In order to ensure employees safety and health, our company formulated “Occupational Safety and Hygiene Policy”, holding various lectures and courses regularly and provides doctor consultation. In addition, Inventec creates a good sense of participation and an unhindered bilateral communication channels by provided diverse channels for employees to consult and express their opinions.
The” Global Code of Conduct“of Inventec enacts not only encouraging employees to report any behavior which is illegal or violate code of ethics but also disciplinary measures. Employee who breaches the rules should be punished in accordance with “Global Code of Conduct” and “Personnel Management Regulations”. Inventec had set up “Staff Complaint System” at each factory to guarantee employees against violation of human rights. Besides, Inventec also set up caring group of entry-level employee at China factory to process staff complaints and understand the voice of the employees by means of employee interview. Inventec releases material information and provides channel to employees to prompt response and communicate regularly through the following mechanisms:
(1)Internal website announcement: Inform employees immediately of information operations、administrative policies、personnel/structural changes or other relative material information through internal website or electronic bulletin.
(2)Bilateral communication between entry-level employees and senior managers: Holding quarterly meetings and various forums irregularly.
(3) Communicate administrative policies and business processes: Holding communication meetings with each department employee representatives monthly.
(4) Cross-departmental and labour communication: Having multifunctional internal platform like “employee opinions exchange area”.
(5) Response problems promptly and informational consultation: Setting consultation service window and service hotline in each department.
(6)Carrying out welfare policies: Employee welfare committee holds meetings monthly and special meetings.
(7) Caring group of entry-level employees: Processing staff complaints and understand the voice of the employees by means of employee interview.
(8) Employee opinion survey:Providing channel to employees to express their opinions as an improving goal setting of our company and promote their sense of commitment.
Supplier .Corporate website
.Regular/ irregular meetings
.Product Design and Development
.Corporate Social Responsibility
Inventec formulated “New Supplier Evaluation Management Regulations” to ask new suppliers must have positive goodwill and conform to the ethical demand of our company. In addition, the purchase contract should regulate that suppliers must follow the special warranty terms which forbid payment of commission、ratio money、brokerage fee or other benefits.
Inventec provides communication channels with suppliers through supplier’s environmental protection seminar and questionnaire, expecting to lead more suppliers to promote environmental awareness and implement corporate social responsibility. Inventec emphasize to create a win-win situation by means of mutual understanding and cooperating with suppliers.
Inventec makes various supplier evaluations according to customer demand、law and regulation as well as international trend, including advocate、promotion and audit to suppliers. Besides, the company evaluate new supplier through following measures include evaluating of technical ability development and third-party supplier capacity for supply、auditing purchase system、investigating supplier’s corporate social responsibility、field review、evaluating of HSF and signing environmental affidavit to guarantee supplier applying to relative international environmental regulations and the environmental demands of our company.
Client /Consumer .Corporate website
.Product Design and Development
.Intellectual Property Policy
.Quality Management
.Process innovation
.Customer Service
Inventec provides a comprehensive and complete customer relationship management service to our clients from orders to production development and to production phase. Furthermore, our company traces product situation after shipment to clients and concerns any message responded by customers. Besides, Inventec have complete standard operation procedure of customer complaints with customer complaint system to build project review and cause analysis, plan corrective and preventive measures, confirm the validity and so on.
Our company solve problems and feedback to customers to satisfy and understand their real needs、listen to them indeed as well as strengthen control to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. In addition, in order to meet the issue and demand which our client care about, Inventec holds periodic client business review meeting to discuss subject like R & D technology、shipment of product、product quality、after-sales service、quote cost、energy saving and carbon reduction、green product、corporate social responsibility and so on.
In order to solve customer problems promptly, Inventec have customer service line and website. For example, the official website of Dr.eye provides customer service line and email allowing consumers to have product maintenance and demonstration. Besides, Dr.eye shortens the time to communicate with OEM/ODM clients as well as provides instant service and reply through on-site service.
Investor .Corporate website
.Financial Statements
.Shareholder Services
.Management Performanc
.Corporate Governance
To protect shareholder’s equity is the highest goal of Inventec and complying with relative regulations to release financial and business material information on “Market Observation Post System” promptly.


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Shareholder Services

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