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Management Performance

For our revenue and profit, the combined revenue for year 2017 comes to NT$467.5 billion, which has grown by 9.11% as compared to that of year 2016 (the combined revenue is NT$428.4 billion). The combined operating income before tax is about NT$7.1 billion, which grows mildly by 1.36% as compared to that of year 2016. As for the net profit after tax that goes to stock-holders of the parent company, it comes to about NT$6.7 billion, which grows by 19.83% against that of the previous year, while the surplus combined is NT$1.88 per share after tax.
As an overview, the performance growth in 2017 proves to be a successful result and it mainly comes from the diversified operation of company products. Among them, the streamline product of notebook has benefited from the shipment of commercial models so that there is slight growth against the same period of last year. As for server products, since the company has actively developed new products and expanded client distribution so that there is growth of 8.72% against the same period of last year. The aforementioned two products have, in total, made a contribution of NT$366.3 billion of revenue. In terms of smart device products, the shipments have been quite booming with the facilitation of new product lines with the clients, so that the revenue of operating income has increased by 36.12% against that of last year, bringing in contribution of about NT$86.4 billion of income. In addition, the integrated benefits from solar-energy products by the group are satisfying, and the overall revenue has increased by 8.83% against the same period of last year, bringing in a contribution of NT$14.7 billion.