SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2017/12/21 Time of announcement  19:14:47
Subject  Announcement of disposal of securities
Date of events   2017/12/21 To which item it meets paragraph 20
1.Name of the securities:Win Semiconductors corporation common stock.
2.Trading date:2017/12/01~2017/12/21
3.Trading volume, unit price, and total monetary amount of the transaction:
Trading volume:968,000 shares
unit price:NT$311.72
total monetary amount:NT$301,744,000
4.Gain (or loss) (not applicable in case of acquisition of securities):
5.Relationship with the underlying company of the trade:None
6.Current cumulative volume, amount, and shareholding percentage of
  holdings of the security being traded (including the current trade)
  and status of any restriction of rights (e.g.pledges):
cumulative volume:4,813,686 shares
shareholding percentage:1.2%
7.Current ratio of long or short term securities investment (including
  the current trade) to the total assets and shareholder's equity as
  shown in the most recent financial statement and the operational capital
  as shown in the most recent financial statement:
Ratio to the total assets:24%
Ratio to the shareholder's equity:66%
operational capital:NT$11,742,837,000
8.Concrete purpose/objective of the acquisition or disposal:
asset activation
9.Do the directors have any objections to the present transaction?:No
10.Any other matters that need to be specified:None