SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2017/07/25 Time of announcement  17:20:29
Subject  Inventec (Chongqing) Corp. waive receivables of
TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd.
Date of events   2017/07/25 To which item it meets paragraph 28
1.Name of the related party or principal debtor or the joint and several
  guarantor of such party or debtor:TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd.
2.Date of occurrence of the event:2017/07/25
3.Cause of occurrence:TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd. goes into
liquidation and is unable to pay debt due to insolvency.Inventec (Chongqing)
Corp. resolve to waive receivables of TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd.
4.Kind of creditor's rights or amount of the endorsement/guarantee and its
ratio to assets:0.15%
5.Whether there are protective measures in respect of the creditor's rights:
6.Anticipated possible loss:RMB11,121,714.28
8.Any other matters that need to be specified:Inventec (Chongqing) Corp.
and TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd. are affiliated enterprises.
There is no material impact on the consolidated financial statements.