SEQ_NO  2 Date of announcement  2017/06/16 Time of announcement  13:57:03
Subject  Release the prohibition on Directors from participation in
competitive business
Date of events   2017/06/16 To which item it meets paragraph 21
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting resolution:2017/06/16
2.Name and title of the director with permission to engage in competitive
  Yeh, Kuo-I、Lee, Tsu-Chin、Wen, Shih-Chih、Huang, Kuo-Chun、Cho, Tom-Hwar
Independent Director:
  Chang, Chang-Pang、Chen, Ruey-Long
3.Items of competitive conduct in which the director is permitted to engage:
 Yeh, Kuo-I
   Director, WK Technology Fund
   Director, WK Technology Fund V
   Director, WK Technology Fund VI
   Director, WK Technology Fund VIII
   Director, WK Technology Fund IV
   Director, PK Venture Capital Corp.,
   Director, PKⅡVenture Capital Corp.,
   Director, Kuo Hsieh Investment Co. Ltd.,
   Director, Fu Tai Investment Co. Ltd.,
   Director, Royal Base Corporation
   Supervisor, WK Technology Fund VII
 Lee, Tsu-Chin
   Chairman, Esther Investment Co., Ltd.
 Wen, Shih-Chih
   Chairman, Shyh Shiunn Investment Corp.
 Huang, Kuo-Chun
   Chairman, TPV-Inventa Holding Ltd.
   Chairman, TPV-INVENTA Technology Co, Ltd
   Chairman, TPV-INVENTA Technology(Fujian) Co, Ltd
 Cho, Tom-Hwar
   Chairman, Inventec Solar Energy Corporation
Independent Director:
 Chang, Chang-Pang
   Independent Director, Formosa Petrochemical Corporation.
   Independent Director, Silitech Technology Corporation.
   Independent Director, Powerchip Technology Corporation.
   Director, Maxigen Biotech Inc.
   Supervisor, Jintex Corporation Ltd.
 Chen, Ruey-Long
   Independent Director, China Petrochemical Development Corporation.
   Independent Director, Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation
   Chairman, Powerchip Technology Corporation.
   Director, HannStar Board Corporation.
   Director, Asia Cement Corporation
   Director, Gintech Energy Corporation
   Director, Bank of Panhsin
   Director, Teknowledge Development Corp.
   Director, PowerGate Optical, Inc.
4.Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:During the period
of being Inventec's Director.
5.Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the results of the voting
  under Article 209 of the Company Act):Approved as proposed by voting
6.If the permitted competitive conduct is business of a mainland China area
  enterprise, the name and title of the director (if it is not business of a
  mainland China area enterprise, please enter ”not applicable” below):
Huang, Kuo-Chun
7.Company name of the mainland China area enterprise and the director's
  position in the enterprise:Chairman, TPV-INVENTA Technology(Fujian) Co, Ltd
8.Address of the mainland China area enterprise:
Rongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuqing City, Fujian
9.Business items of the mainland China area enterprise:AIO PC
10.Degree of effect on the Company's finances and business:None
11.If the director has invested in the mainland China area enterprise, the
   monetary amount of the director's investment and the director's
   shareholding ratio:No
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None