SEQ_NO  1 Date of announcement  2017/06/16 Time of announcement  13:51:56
Subject  Resolution of 2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
Date of events   2017/06/16 To which item it meets paragraph 18
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting:2017/06/16
2.Important resolutions (1)profit distribution/deficit
  compensation:Adoption of the proposal for distribution of 2016 profits.
3.Important resolutions (2)amendments of thecoporat charter:Approve of
amendment to the Company's Articles of Incorporation.
4.Important resolutions (3)business report and financial
  statements:Acknowledgement to 2016 Business Report and Financial Statements.
5.Important resolutions (4)elections of board of directors and
  supervisors:Election Directors
Director: Yeh,Kuo-I、Lee,Tsu-Chin、Wen,Shih-Chih、Chang,Ching-Sung、
Independent Director: Chang,Chang-Pang、Chen,Ruey-Long、Shyu,Jyuo-Min
6.Important resolutions (5)other proposals:
Matters for Discussion:
1.Approve of amendments to the ”Rules of Procedure for Shareholders
2.Approve of amendments to the ”Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of
3.Approve of amendments to the ”Regulations Making of Endorsements/
4.Approve of amendments to the ”Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds”
Other Proposals:
1.Approve the proposal for Release the Prohibition on Directors and
   their representatives from participation in competitive business.
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:None