SEQ_NO  2 Date of announcement  2016/12/27 Time of announcement  15:01:40
Subject  Announcement of the merger on behalf of
Inventec (Chongqing) Corp.
Date of events   2016/12/27 To which item it meets paragraph 20
1.Type of merger/acquisition (e.g.merger, consolidation, spin-off,
  acquisition, or receiving assignment of shares):merger
2.Date of occurrence of the event:2016/12/27
3.Names of companies participating in the merger ( of the other
  company participating in the merger or consolidation, newly established
  company in a spin-off, acquired company, or company whose shares are
  taken assignment of):Inventec (Chongqing) Corp. and
Inventec Technology (Chongqing) Corp.Ltd.
4.Counterparty ( of the other company participating in the merger or
  consolidation, company taking assignment of the spin-off, or counterparty
  to the acquisition or assignment of shares):
Surviving company:Inventec (Chongqing) Corp.
Dissolved company:Inventec Technology (Chongqing) Corp.Ltd.
5.Relationship between the counterparty and the Company (investee company in
  which the Company has re-invested and has shareholding of XX%), and
  explanation of the reasons for the decision to acquire, or take assignment
  of the shares of, an affiliated enterprise or related person, and whether
  it will affect shareholders' equity:
The Company will be benefited from the merger by reorganizing company
structure and saving operating cost. Both subsidiaries are 100% owned,
there is no impact on shareholder's equity.
6.Purpose/objective of the merger/acquisition:
saving operating cost
7.Anticipated benefits of the merger/acquisition:saving operating cost
8.Effect of the merger or consolidation on net worth per share and earnings
  per share:No
9.Share exchange ratio and basis of its calculation:NA
10.Scheduled timetable for consummation:20170430
11.Matters related to assumption by the existing company or new company of
   rights and obligations of the extinguished (or spun-off) company:
From estimated record date for the merger, 2017/04/30,Inventec (Chongqing)
Corp. as the surviving company will assume all rights and
obligations of the dissolved company.
12.Basic information of companies participating in the merger:
(1)Inventec (Chongqing) Corp.
Assembly and sale of computer products
(2)Inventec Technology (Chongqing) Corp.Ltd.
Computer software design and computer system integration service
13.Matters related to the spin-off (including estimated value of the business
   and assets planned to be assigned to the existing company or new company;
   the total number and the types and volumes of the shares to be acquired by
   the split company or its shareholders; matters related to the reduction,
   if any, in capital of the split company) (note: not applicable other than
   where there is announcement of a spin-off):NA
14.Conditions and restrictions on future transfers of shares resulting from
   the merger or acquisition:NA
15.Other important stipulations:NA
16.Do the directors have any objection to the present transaction?:No