SEQ_NO  2 Date of announcement  2016/10/25 Time of announcement  17:50:52
Subject  Announced on behalf of Inventec (Chongqing) Corp.,
the board of directors has decided to increase
cash capital.
Date of events   2016/10/25 To which item it meets paragraph 11
1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2016/10/25
2.Source of capital increase funds:Cash capital increase
3.Number of shares issued:NA
4.Par value per share:NA
5.Total monetary amount of the issue:RMB155,000,000
6.Issue price:NA
7.Number of shares subscribed by or allotted to employees:NA
8.Number of shares publicly sold:NA
9.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock dividends to existing
(1)Names of the directors, number of shares forfeited, and their
   ratio to total subscribable shares:Inventec (Cayman) Corp.;100%;
(2)Names of the specific person and number of shares subscribed:
   Inventec Technology (Chongqing) Corp. Ltd.; RMB155,000,000
10.Method of handling fractional shares and shares unsubscribed by the
11.Rights and obligations of the newly issued shares:NA
12.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase:for the working
capital demand
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:Inventec Technology (Chongqing)
Corp. Ltd. takes part in the cash capital increase RMB 155,000,000 by
Inventec (Chongqing) Corp. according to the agreement with Inventec (Cayman)