SEQ_NO  2 Date of announcement  2016/06/20 Time of announcement  15:54:25
Subject  Release the prohibition on Directors from participation in
competitive business
Date of events   2016/06/20 To which item it meets paragraph 21
1.Date of the shareholders' meeting resolution:2016/06/20
2.Name and title of the director with permission to engage in competitive
Chang,Chang-Pang(Independent director)
Chen,Ruey-Long(Independent director)
3.Items of competitive conduct in which the director is permitted to engage:
1.Huang, Kuo-Chun(Director)
  (1)TPV-INVENTA Holding Limited(Chairman)
  (2)TPV-INVENTA Technology Co, Ltd(Chairman)
  (3)TPV-INVENTA Technology(Fujian) Co, Ltd(Chairman)
2.Chang ,Chang-Pang(Independent director)
  (1)Maxigen Biotech Inc(Director)
  (2)Jintex Corporation Ltd(Supervisor)
  (3)Global Financial Services(Director)
  (4)Global Investment Holdings(Executive Director)
  (5)Zi-Yu Investment CO.,Ltd(Director)
3.Chen, Ruey-Long(Independent director)
  (1)Teknowledge Development Corporation(Director)
  (2)Bank of Panhsin(Director)
  (3)HannStar Board Corporation(Director)
  (4)Asia Cement Corporation(Director)
  (5)PowerGate Optical Inc(Director)
  (6)Gintech Energy Corporation(Director)
4.Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:
During the term of being a Director of the Company.
5.Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the results of the voting
  under Article 209 of the Company Act):The proposal was approved.
6.If the permitted competitive conduct is business of a mainland China area
  enterprise, the name and title of the director (if it is not business of a
  mainland China area enterprise, please enter ”not applicable” below):
Huang, Kuo-Chun(Director)
7.Company name of the mainland China area enterprise and the director's
  position in the enterprise:TPV-Inventa Technology (Fujian) Ltd.(Chairman)
8.Address of the mainland China area enterprise:Rongqiao Economic and
Technological Development Zone, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, China.
9.Business items of the mainland China area enterprise:AIO PC
10.Degree of effect on the Company's finances and business:NA
11.If the director has invested in the mainland China area enterprise, the
   monetary amount of the director's investment and the director's
   shareholding ratio:NA
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None