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Cloud Software and Services Solutions

The headquarters of Cloud Software Center (CSC) of Inventec Corporation is located in Shanghai, with professional R&D and marketing teams in Beijing, Taipei and Japan. In the past years, CSC is dedicated to cloud software & service under the guideline of 3S strategies (System, Software & Service) initiated by board chairman Richard Lee. At present, CSC has more than 200 employees, of whom over 90% are R&D engineers. The investment in R&D exceeds 60% of the total sales revenue and its patents are over 300.

CSC officially achieved CMMI-5 certification in 2007, which represents the highest rating of international software engineering process maturity. Afterwards, CSC is accelerating its process to pass the certification of PCMM, ISO27001, ISO20000 and SAS70.

The key achievement covers:
1. Dr.eye has gained the most market share in the Chinese-speaking world and all the Top 1000 Enterprises in Taiwan purchased and applied Dr.eye products.
2. Dr.eye USB was awarded Users’ Best Choice at Computex 2008.
3. Dr.eye series (Dr.eye Mobile, Dr.eye PC & Dr.eye USB) were awarded Taiwan Excellence in 2009.
4. Dr.eye ranked among the Top 100 Taiwan Brands in 2011.

4 advanced core technologies applied in Dr.eye Family
1. Cross-Platform
2. Multi-Lingual
3. Instant Synchronization
4. Cloud Service
Dr.eye supports all the mainstream operating platforms such as Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone/iPAD) and Android. With network connection, the personal data can be conveniently synchronized and backed up. Web-based Dr.eye Cloud dictionary can be easily accessed and a lot of users’ hardware resource can be saved.

Dr.eye – the most popular translation software and authorized language expert

To meet the cloud service era, Dr.eye leads to adopt the following technologies and applications:
1. The optimization of core technologies in translation application
2. Multilingual, cross-platform and cloud application and instant synchronization technology
3. Language learning content design
4. Website backstage management technology

Focus on enterprise market and increasingly diversify into education market

To meet the increasing demand of digital cloud learning content from 2010, Inventec has aggressively pursued in-depth cooperation with education administrations and language institutes in Taiwan. Dr.eye Taiwanese Dictionary and Dr.eye Buddhist Dictionary are the fruits of such kind of collaboration.
In 2012, Inventec cooperated with Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau (MOEAIDB) to launch Dr.eye e-School Bag project in 20 primary schools (10 in Kaohsiung and 10 in remote areas). With Dr.eye Schoolbag Cloud – Online Bookstore, the project provided more than 2000 teachers and students with an ideal digital learning environment.

Dr. eye Family

With multilingual user interfaces such as traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese, the wholly new Dr.eye Cloud Dictionary provides the users with the most convenient online lookup and learning services.
Moreover, as a complete SaaS architecture, Dr.eye Enterprise Cloud supports diversified users (enterprises, industries and government organizations) to build their own knowledge application environment flexibly. By combining large-scale public knowledge base, industry knowledge base, enterprise knowledge base and cloud service, Dr.eye Enterprise Cloud aims to provide a total solution for all the users from different industries.
For more details about Dr.eye products, please visit Dr.eye Cloud Service website:www.dreye.com.

Dr.eye Health Cloud To master your health and lead a happy life right now

"Dr.eye Health" is the brand that Inventec develops to meet the needs of people's health. Dr.eye Health Cloud is hardware and software solutions integrating Health Note, Health apps, and Health devices, such as pedometers, weight scales. Users can record, monitor, and track their health data on the Dr.eye Health Cloud platform, so that they may get better self-health management. In the future, Dr.eye Health Cloud will add more comprehensive online value-added service, and build smart experts system.
Furthermore, Dr.eye Health can provide customized solution to manage employees' health, and then improve cohesion and competitiveness of enterprises.
Please learn more products and service on our official site: www.dreye-health.com.
Come on! Join Dr.eye Health for your good health!

Software Outsourcing Services

With over 20 years’ experience in software development and CMMI-5 certification in software process management, CSC has succeeded in winning several large-scale customized outsourcing projects. Moreover, Inventec provides ABAP, Java and .NET based software development, banking & financial software service, software training and etc.