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Renewable Energy Products

Solar energy is currently one of the most efficient solutions in green energy industry. Solar cell, solar module, and solar system are three main products in this industry. Inventc Solar Companies focus on the design and manufacture of solar cell and solar module.
Mono & Poly Crystalline cell are both commonly used today in solar cells. With the continued improvement of process technology, Inventec not only increases transferred efficiency and yield rate, but also remains its leading status in this industry.
With high efficient cell and power inverter, solar module provides users the electricity. Solar module is required to well operate in various weather situations. Solar module manufactured by Inventec Group not only meets customer’s requirements of quality and technology, but also achieved certifications from IEC、TUE、UL/ASU and JET.
In addition to the superior quality, solar module manufactured by Inventec Group can be customized based on client’s requirements, such as the product appearance.