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Employee Welfare System
Inventec Corporation is proud of being one of the most admired companies for we treasure our employees as our most valuable assets. The management takes every necessary course of action to nurture the growth of our employee in capability, integrity and accountability. Inventec provides our employees equal opportunities to realize and maximize their potential for the success of the company. In addition to the development of job related skills and knowledge, Inventec also take care of employees’ health from every aspect of life.

Equally emphasize on KPI(Key Performance Index) and Innovation

  • Year-end Bonus
  • Employee Dividend
  • Prize for Innovation Project
  • Prize for 6-sigma Projects
  • Prize for Patent Filing and Grant
  • Commendation of Achievement
  • Prize for Language Test Certification

Comprehensive Insurance and Medical Examination

  • Labor’s and Health Insurance
  • Employee Group Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Annual medical examinations
  • Allowance of staff dependent’s personal insurance

Other Welfare Benefits

  • Allowance of Employee and their children education
  • Employee restaurant
  • Subsidies of emergency or illness
  • Employee Library
  • Subsidies of marriage, childbirth and funeral
  • Snack Bar
  • Festival and birthday gift
  • Free Coffee Bar
  • Nursing Room