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The philosophy underlies Inventec’s people nurturing practice is to provide comprehensive training courses and superior internal and external teachers for on-job training in the hope of a balance for educating, training, and personal development.
In addition to well-planned competence improving courses provided to the employees, Inventec also pays great effort of the improvement in language skills and patent application. To intensify the global competence of our staffs, Inventec continuously strengthen the outcomes of the training courses through systematic tracking and active feedback from the staff. Through the encouragement of innovation and improvement and the emphasis on learning and sharing, the corporate culture of “Value of Human Capital” is firmly established.

In order to offer a good learning environment for the employees and to prevent the training from becoming a mere formality or disconnected from corporate goal, Inventec has developed series of professional on-job trainings and services for the nurture of talent and career consultation. The ultimate goal is to make Inventec a “learning organization”.
The competence foster system can be further divided into three levels and four major categories.

Three levels:

1. Education and Training
Inventec places great importance on “Learning from the Best” with an open mind. We encourage our employees to search for the best practices within and outside the industry, share and guide each others for the technical process, broaden their knowledge on the management skills and product/service development trend so that the learning process will benefit the employees and achievement of the strategic goal.

2. Good Mentor and Beneficial Peer
The spirit emphasized “Supplementary Learning”. Through the in-depth coaching and consultation from senior employees and professional experts on business need of a variety of fields, the discrepancy can be minimized and the learning process be shortened.

3. Expert Nurturing
Emphasize the spirit of “in-depth development”. Through the forming of multiple “Competence Community” mechanism, Inventec helps the employees to constant growing oneself in their field of specialty in order to improve the working performance, and promote the overall competitiveness and advantage of the company.

Four Major Categories:

1. Culture Development
With focus on corporate culture development, Inventec conveys the operational objectives and business goals during orientation and monthly employee gathering.

Orientation training courses are conducted to assist newly recruited employees to familiarize and accommodate themselves with the basic regulatory mechanism and the management style of the company. Also, the HR department staff will coach and assist the new blood via e-mail or phone on a regular basis. This process aims at increase the sense of belonging and honor of the staffs with a unified mindset, goal, and shared value. The monthly employee gathering elaborates the direction of business development, the operational objectives, and the strategic guiding principles so that all the employees will put effort on the collective goals.

2. Competence Development
The Competence Development mechanism focuses on R&D and Sales skill training, competence skills and techniques assessment and qualification, and individual performance development.
Looking into the need of professional functions and knowledge of each individual division or department, Inventec arranges a variety of on-job training and corresponding courses for different level of management and general staff. A thorough evaluation mechanism is set up for follow up the success of the programs as well.
With the mechanism of competency-committee, Inventec is able to gather, analyze, store, share and apply information that could improve and innovate the technological ability. It can promote organizational learning and increase work value as well as competitiveness of organization.

3. Executive Cultivation
Middle and senior management play a key role to the sustainability of an enterprise. With the establishment of communication platform and enhancement of managerial efficiency and the reform of management experience, middle and senior management are able to utilize the flexible management skill and coach their staffs in the hope of the enhancement of department efficiency and competitiveness.
Inventec also conducts business management seminars for the sharing of development strategies and broadens senior manager’s vision and enhance their analysis abilities.

4. Competitiveness Developing
The comprehensive competiveness of international enterprise is key to win the competition. Inventec assists colleagues to be fully prepared for challenges of globalization as following policies:
1. Language skills training
2. Overseas training
3. Fully understanding of industry trends
4. Training for innovation and patent application
5. Introduction of Six Sigma improvement