Inventec Promotes Green Energy, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
[Abstract from Commercial Times of April 22, 2016]

With the rapid change of the trend of global green energy and the technology industry,Inventec is actively promoting the strategies for green energy and environmental protection, cloud applications and mobile lifestyle to keep up with the trend of low-carbon and maintain sustainable development.

Apart from fulfilling such social responsibilities as environmental protection, culture promotion, poverty alleviation, and community development, Inventec has also set their targets on the green products, green production and green life with a series of implementation programs, from low-carbon product design, green procurement, environmental education, eco-green, carbon reduction projects, environmental monitoring, pollution control equipment maintenance, waste disposal and green management system certification, etc. in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Inventec has been highly recognized in the past years for its long-term investment and efforts in energy saving and carbon reduction. In 2015, Inventec won the 2015 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, the national Occupational Safety and Health Award, the Carbon Reduction Action Award of EPA, and the Corporate Environmental Protection Award of the Republic of China.

As one of the global Internet companies and with the spirit of "Love of Inventec: SeeInventec’s responsibility when others are in need”, co-operating with Inventec Group Charity Foundation and being joined by volunteers from Inventec, IAC, AIO, Inventec Solar and BESTA, Inventec has been actively involved in various cultural and charity activities in the past years.

In addition, for four consecutive years, Inventec has sponsored the activities of 30 Hour Famine organized by the World Vision Taiwan to help the disadvantaged groups. Looking ahead,Inventec will continue to develop towards the goal of being a green and sustainable benchmarking enterprise.