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Message from the Chairman

【Value Research】

In this ever changing world and highly competitive marketplace, the key to success lies in creating products with high added value which achieve customer satisfaction and can be delivered smoothly. Through each step of this process “value” can be discovered through R&D and improvement. The amount of value directly impacts the company’s operational efficiency and growth, which is why it is crucial to make “Value Research” part of R&D.

【Creating Maximum Profit Together】

There are five sources of profit:

1.Management profit: This is basic profit. Management profit is made by sustaining operational efficiency and speed, and avoiding mistakes.

2.Ingenuity profit: Comes from product upgrades and “Industry 4.0”. By transformation or enhancement we can increase technically oriented profit.

3.Innovation profit: Or new products and new markets, for example: entering the car electronics and healthcare equipment markets. Hitech products “become outmoded if they don’t advance”, and even become obsolete. Developing innovative products and new markets can create bigger profits.

4.Opportunity profits: Quick and decisive market and product predictions, and being the first to get there, is rewarded with big profits.

5.Scale profits: Which means setting global goals and winning by virtue of size. Information and communications products are not bound by distinct national borders, and are so ubiquitous they are found everywhere. We must target the global market and expand our profit base to obtain maximum market profits.

【Vision for the Future】

Here I would like to thank Inventec’s friends. Taiwanese industry is currently facing a number of challenges, and although Inventec has made some outstanding achievements over the last 40 years, rather than sitting back on our laurels we need to be mindful and responsible. Let’s pass on our knowledge, share our resources, prudently manage the company, uphold our expertise, continually challenge ourselves, combine innovative products with smart production, and continue to expand the group’s operational scope and revenue breadth to ready ourselves for future changes and challenges.